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P. Grossman & U. Fraefel (Eds.)
Core Practices in Teacher Education: A Global Perspective
Harvard Education Press
Spring 2024

This volume aims to provide teacher educators and researchers in teacher education across the globe with an early sense of how the ideas and approaches related to practice-based teacher education are being taken up by universities across the world and promises to highlight both variability and commonality in these efforts. The institutional efforts share common ground around their commitment to placing practice at the center of their curriculum. The chapters delve into how work related to practice-based teacher education, with a particular focus on core practices, has taken root across institutional and national contexts.

Fachgespräche Lehrerinnen- und Lehrerbildung

Core practices
als Konzept einer praxisbasierten Lehrkräftebildung

Vortrag von Prof. em. Urban Fraefel vom 10.5.2023